Dumbbell or Kettlebell


dumbbells1Kettlebell is one of the basic equipment used on most of the training programs and gyms to make our body flexible.  To swing a kettlebell you need to use every part of your body either to generate force to get moment of swinging or to reduce force. Kettlebell can be used as an alternative for dumbbells. One advantage a kettlebell has over dumbbells is you can swing it with force without having the fear of dropping it and hurting yourself since you will have firm grip on the handle. On the other hand dumbbells help you build musclekettlebell concentrating on the flexibility a bit and if you are a hard core muscle builder dumbbells are the way to go. If you are thinking of using the kettlebell for bodybuilding you might want to get an expert advice on that. In short both dumbbell and kettlebell have their pros and cons and its always better you choose based on what you might need them for.

Treadmill – Your Fat Burner


Treadmill 2I was tired of trying almost every possible way to reduce my weight which was around 97Kgs and it is a lot for a 23 year old. My goal was to reduce 35kgs in next 6 months and that’s when my friend came up with a suggestion to try using a Treadmill. After all the fat jokes and insults by people around me I had to step on the treadmill one fine day, which turned out to be quite useful after all. It was an hour’s routine every morning and a 45 minutes in the evening for the past 6 months. It was really painful in the beginning which was overcome by the happiness when I saw gradual decrease in my weight every month. This gave me the energy to go on for the whole 6 months and I have managed to burn out 26 Kgs, which was really not my goal but way better that staying at 97Kgs. The best part is, the Treadmill didn’t really take much of my personal or business hours all these days.